How to do keyword research to find the best SEO keywords

So in this section I want to talk to you all about keyword research because keyword research is without a doubt THE KEY to finding success online.

The reason why is because keywords are essentially what makes the internet go round.

As an SEO and an internet marketer keyword research is incredibly important because your keyword research is going to determine whether or not you are found on the internet.

There is no point in creating content and having nobody see it now is there?

Now here is the real secret to keyword research that hardly anyone ever tells you and it took me years to figure out on my own.

Not every keyword related to the product you are promoting is going to lead to a sale.

When I was starting out I was only focused on the keywords that were related to my product that had the most searches.

This meant that I was ignoring the keywords that had 1000 or less searches.

90% of the time sales come from keywords with 1000 searches or less.

The reason why is because these keywords are generally more focused towards what the searcher is actually looking for and so this means that they are further along the buying process and a lot closer to pulling out there credit card.

The Right Keywords

So how do we find the right keywords?

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen many internet marketers make is only using free keyword tools like the Google keyword planner.

Don’t get me wrong, the Google keyword Planner is good and I use it almost every day right at the start of my keyword research process.

But the reason why it’s a mistake to only use the Google keyword tool is because it will not do the full job that we need it to do.

Unfortunately there isn’t a single keyword tool that will do the full job, and what you’ll find when you use more than one keyword tool is that each keyword tool will always find keywords that the other ones don’t, and this is because they use different ways of finding the keywords and combining them to give different results.

So this is why we have to use a number of keyword tools.

The SEO Agency has personally stated that they use more than one keyword tool and that is exactly why they have a major advantage over every other SEO or internet marketer out there because almost everyone else out there is only using one or maybe two keyword tools.

In fact, you’ll probably find that 99.9% of your competition is only using the Google Keyword Planner so when you’re using two, three or even four different keyword tools then you’re able to discover keywords that no one else is targeting so you literally have no competition.

Just to give you an example, one of my keyword lists has over 20,000 keywords in it and the keywords in this list are a mixture of short tail keywords, long tail keywords and LSI keywords.

Because my keyword list is so massive I’m able to literally just skim through it and find hundreds of high volume keywords that I know will rank easily because nobody else s targeting them.

Now, the thing is that there is no way that you can get 20,000 keywords from Google alone.

Their keyword tool just isn’t designed for that so watch this video that talks about keyword research: